Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of batteries does it use?

FinaMill uses three AA battery batteries.

Why doesn’t it work after batteries are inserted?

For the motor to engage and run, a FinaPod must be properly inserted.

Is the FinaMill rechargeable?

No, it is operated with batteries. We are working on a USB rechargeable model, please visit finamill. com and sign up for our newsletter to be notified of its launch.

When will you have new types of pods?

In 4Q 2022 we will introduce two new FinaPods. FinaPod MAX which will grind allspice, cloves and even coffee and espresso beans. And the FinaPod GT will be perfect for hard spices like nutmeg and cinnamon and even hard cheeses like parmesan cheese.

How can I open a tight pod? How do I get it open after use?

Along the sides of the pod are two holes cut into the base. Insert a key, or ridged object then twist open. The hole plus object will give you more leverage to open the base.

How fine can it grind?

It is fairly small, but not a powder like pre-ground spice. Please adjust the grinding knob to your desired coarseness.

Why isn’t it grinding fine enough?

You might have to adjust the grinding adjuster knob to a finer setting.

When I adjust from coarse to fine, what is the easiest way to adjust the pod?

Remove the pod from the mill and twist the adjuster knob. If there is spice stuck in the grinder, run it for a few seconds upside down to clear the spice out.

Why can’t I adjust the grinder?

Pepper or other spice might be stuck in the grinding element. The simple fix is to hold the FinaMill with the pod inserted upside down and run it for a few seconds. That should clear material from the grinding element and allow it to be adjust again.

Can I grind nutmeg or cinnamon?

The current model cannot grind these spices because they are too hard. We are working on a more powerful model, please follow us for the updates.

Can it grind fresh herbs?

No, only chopped or minced dried herbs.

What is the warranty?

2 years

Why are my spices sticking to the pod?

High humidity or static can cause them to stick. Be sure to keep the grinding element and area clean to minimize sticking.