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Maximum flavour, minimal effort. Take the grind out of grinding with FinaMill.

  • seamlessly move between [spices] while cooking.

    unique and useful—the ideal combination for a kitchen tool.

    switch from pepper to salt to coriander to cardamom, with no cleaning required.

    Convenience: This is the hallmark of a great electric spice grinder, something that’ll take away as much effort as possible… FinaMill goes a step further.

    very easy to fill, since each pod unscrews and you simply add the spices to an open cup.

    allows you to go through a variety of spices, salt, and dried herbs using a single grinder versus buying individual mills for each.

  • durable ceramic grinding elements will go to work extracting taste and aroma you’ve only dreamed of.

    All you have to do is select, click, grind, and savor. What could be easier?

    Its modern design and different types of grinding mechanisms elevates the cooking experience.

    award winning design that’s pretty enough to go from kitchen to dining room table.

    an absolute joy to use.

    I can flip the meat I’m cooking with one hand and just press a button to season with the other.

  • The stylish design is easy to use (simply plug a spice pod in the bottom, then push the button on the top).

    Maximum flavour, minimal effort. Take the grind out of grinding with FinaMill.

    Makes grinding spices so simple.

    genuine game changer in making grinding spices as easy as lightly pressing a button.

    an attractive gadget that has the capabilities to be a versatile addition to the kitchen and dining table.

    effortlessly grinds up spice.

  • Love the sleek, minimalist design which looks great on your the counter and dining room table too.

    one of the best kitchen gadgets you can find right now.

    Any professional will tell you that grinding whole spices fresh is one of the simplest ways to improve your cooking — and it doesn’t get any simpler than with the battery-operated FinaMill.

    A true kitchen essential, the FinaMill spice grinder will makecooking a breeze.

    Takes all the work out of grinding spices, so there's no need for them to use a disposable grinder or buy pre-ground spice at the store.

    Seasoning is a breeze with these nifty grinders.