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Heating Up Summer: 5 Ingredients to spice up your barbecue

by Louise Kemp on Jun 20, 2023

Heating Up Summer: 5 Ingredients to spice up your barbecue



Heat up your barbeque game with the hottest of spices. Whether you’re grilling smoky ribs, roasting succulent chicken or smoking your own juicy meat cuts, or developing your own BBQ rubs, spices can take the ordinary to the extraordinary to create unforgettable taste experiences. Infuse these FinaMill’s top 5 hottest spices into your BBQ rubs, marinades and seasoning to give your grilling extra kick.


#5 Black Peppercorn

It's not the world’s most widely traded spice for nothing!

A tried a true classic! While black peppercorns are relatively milder in heat compared to others on this list, this seasoning staple is not to be underestimated. Black peppercorns are coal mines of flavour and spiciness without being overwhelming, making them the perfect complement to a wide variety of food. Give this aromatic and earthy spice a try as a barbeque rub or for those interested in unique flavour combinations, grinding black peppercorns over a bowl of strawberries.

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#4 Mustard Seeds

One of the earth’s smallest seeds packs a big flavour!

Aromatic, nutty and a little bitter, mustard seeds taste similar to wasabi. While they aren’t going to burn your mouth, these little seeds have quite a strong flavour that lingers on the tongue and can cause your nose to tickle. Given its strong taste, this isn’t going to be to everyone's fancy but mustard seeds offer a unique kind of heat that can transform your summer cooking. Pair them with summer fish and potatoes or pickle them and serve them as barbeque caviar

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#3 Dried Cayenne Pepper

Heating things up!

Now things are getting serious! Cayenne Peppers are typically one of the first ingredients that come to mind when talking about spicy food. And for good reason! These chillis are anywhere between 4 to 20 times hotter than their jalapenos cousins. While its mild flavour may seem like a drawback, experienced spice lovers know that this is actually an advantage as Cayenne Peppers can add heat to a meal without overwhelming the original flavour and while it is hot, it isn’t hot enough to put most people off. Plus these peppers have a range of health features too, helping with digestion, metabolism and immune systems. This is a hugely popular pepper to grind and add to your barbeque meat marinades or to any Mexican dishes.

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#2 Sichuan Pepper

A unique full-mouth experience!

The Sichuan pepper is an interesting inclusion for a spicy list as it doesn’t taste spicy at all. Instead, Sichuan peppers have a sweet, citrusy taste similar to lemon or grapefruits. So why is it so high on this list for hot spices? Well, the Sichuan pepper has a unique physical effect on your mouth, numbing the inside and causing an intense tingling on your tongue, often causing them to be confused with chillis. While Sichuan peppers are typically used in Chinese cuisine, they are also a fun culinary addition to any party as you watch your friends experience the counter experiences of the citric taste with the numbing effects.

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#1 Dried California Reaper

The world's hottest chilli!

No list of hottest spices would be complete without the California reaper. This hybrid of a red habanero strain and a Naja Viper pepper was designed to be the spiciest chilli on the market. It has a surprisingly sweet and fruity taste at first until the intense heat overtakes the senses. A word of warning though, this chilli is not for the faint of heart. When handling, it is recommended to wear gloves and while it is safe to eat a pepper by itself, those who do can expect sweating, hiccups, nausea and cramps. In small doses, it is an excellent addition to any hot sauce, marinade or chilli powder making it ideal if preparing spicy chicken wing roulette*.

*Ensure you remove the membrane and use it sparingly

 Grinds well with FinaPod MAX. Chop them into sections before put in the FinaPod to get the best result.




And there you have it, 5 ingredients to really spice up your summer. But before we wrap up here, it is important to remember that individual tolerance to heat can vary and that quantity, preparation method and taste preference can greatly affect perceived spiciness. We recommend starting small with small amounts and gradually increasing the volume until you reach your desired spice level. This is easy to do with a Finamill Spice Grinder as the simple touch button and grind size control allow you to control spice portions. It also has a LED light so you can see how much spice is in your food. All the ingredients listed above are easily grindable and can really elevate your summer cooking.