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How To Dry Your Fresh Summer Herbs

by Louise Kemp on Jul 10, 2023

How To Dry Your Fresh Summer Herbs


Summer is finally here and so are summer herbs. We love including fresh herbs in our cooking - They taste amazing and have a range of health benefits – but they have such a short shelf life! Thankfully dried herbs are just as scrummy and nutritious as fresh ones and it’s super easy to do. Reduce food waste and preserve your extra herbs with one of these simple methods.


Air Drying – Best for low-moisture herbs

First things first, ensure your herbs are clean and free of pests then remove the leaves from the bottom of the stem. Now you can create your bundles. Place 2-3 stems together pointing in the same direction and bundle them tightly together using twine or rubber bands. Make sure not to bundle too many herbs together as they won’t dry as quickly and may begin to mould.

Next set up a line to hange your bundles on in a dry and dark place. Basements or odd closets make for excellent choices. Hang your herbs with the leaves pointing towards the ground to make sure the tasty oils in the stem will flow into the leaves making them extra flavourful later.

Now all you need to do is check on them every few days until they are fully dried. While it will depend on the type of herb you are drying, this process typically takes approx. 2 weeks.


Oven – Best for Larger Batches 

Preheat your oven, the lower the temperature, the better. Most ovens start around 40 degrees which is the absolute highest you should be drying your herbs in. If you have one, use an oven thermometer for best results.

Prep your herbs by removing the leaves from the stems and placing them on an oven rack covered in parchment paper. Once your oven is also ready, put the tray in and leave the door open a crack to reduce heat and allow the moisture to escape. After 30 minutes check on your herbs and turn them. Most herbs will require an extra 30 minutes after this but keep checking them regularly until they are done.


Microwave – Best for small or delicate herbs

This way only works if there is no water on the herbs before you begin so make sure you dry those suckers thoroughly then remove the stems. Place a paper towel on a microwave-safe plate, then the herbs and cover with another paper towel, making a kind of herb sandwich.

Set the microwave to high and run for 1 minute. Keep a close eye on them and immediately stop the microwave if you smell burning. If your herbs need more time, continue in 15-second increments. Be warned, some herbs may take up to 10 minutes to dry this way.


And that’s it, now you have dried herbs to last you year-round. Dried herbs are just as good as fresh herbs but now you can enjoy whenever you like. Chop them up into small pieces and store them in your FinaPod MAX and use them to season all your favourite meals.

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