Dave’s Garlic and Rosemary Ribeye Steak

This is a tasty, yet simple way to grill steak from Dave Nelson. Dave works in both Sales and Customer Service at FinaMill. He knows his way around a kitchen and around whole spices!

For this recipe Dave recommends either a New York or Ribeye steak. Ribeye has the most fat, and thus the most flavour . Also, because fat is an insulator, Ribeye steak is more forgiving to overcooking. New York is also a great choice because the fattest part is all on one side, so it is easy to cook very evenly.

Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
15 mins


  • 2.5 cm thick steak (Ribeye or New York)
  • 1 tablespoon cooking oil

Herbs & Spices – FinaMill it !


1.Remove steak from the packaging and leave on your counter for at least 30 minutes. This gives the steak time to reach room temperature and can produce a better cook when it hits the flame.

2.FinaMill the salt, peppercorn, dried garlic, dried thyme and then dried rosemary and coat the first side evenly with coarse grind. Next, flip the steak with your free hand and coat the back side with the same ingredients.

3.Prior to preheating, the grill surface should be brushed clean of debris. Brush on a tablespoon of cooking oil. Preheat the grill and make sure your grill is very hot.

4.Place the steak on the grill and cook on high heat. After 2 minutes, turn the steak 90 degrees. This will help to get that cross-hatching grill pattern. Cook for 2 more minutes and flip.

5.Again cook for 2 minutes and turn 90 degrees.

6.Depending on the cut of steak and the temperature of the grill, this method should produce a steak that is medium rare or even rare. If you want your steak more ‘done’ add up to 2 minutes to each side.